English time with us

Our children get the opportunity to start learning English as soon as possible in our Private kindergarten, Stara bastova 11, Kosice. Why is English so important for our little ones?

1. English is the key to communication.

2.  English is the main language you’ll find.

3. Learning English helps open a child’s mind to other ways of seeing things and expressing themselves.

4.  Children are like sponges. They can take in a lot of information without difficulty.

5. Benefit of learning English as a child is that it is much easier than learning as an adult.

6. Our children need to be prepared for primary school.

There’s no doubt that if we give our children the opportunity to learn English, we can open many doors for them. Let´s do it!


Video sa prehrá po kliknutí na tento link : https://fb.watch/mVP_rtCtzc/